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Forget Memorization!

The format of these books makes it easy to learn without struggle or rote memorization. With their combination of humor, interesting graphics, and lots of interaction, Quick Learn Guides help you retain what you learn as effortlessly as possible.

You'll learn more quickly by doing the exercises. In fact, by using this method of learning, you do not need to stress over getting every correct answer the first time. Give it your best shot, but don't sweat it.

Medical Terminology Quick Learn is the easiest way to learn medical terminology!

Accelerates learning so you can pursue an exciting career in the healthcare field or the medical insurance industry. Improves efficiency for anyone who works where medical terminology is used, and anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of medical terms.

No long boring lists of words to memorize! Learn quickly, no sweat!

You’ll analyze fascinating Greek and Latin root words to easily decipher the meanings. Page by page, chapter by chapter, the mysteries are solved, and you’ll be able to figure out long alien-sounding medical words that you’ve never seen before. No sweat!

You’ll learn to effortlessly comprehend words like

What’s inside? 800 medical terms. Exercises with complete answers. Quick Quizzes and Quick Reviews to help you remember. “You’ve got this!” exercises to build confidence. “Take Note!” tips to help you learn. “It’s All Greek [or Latin] to me!” overviews of medical word parts. Clues to help you along. And an Index of medical words and word parts you’ve learned to use as a reference.

The author brings his unique classroom manner to the printed page, making learning easy and fun.

ICD-10-CM Quick Learn is a must-have companion to the ICD-10-CM code book.

ICD-10 requires new learning and this book makes it easy and fun. With over 70,000 codes and thousands of medical and anatomical terms, ICD-10 is a huge challenge. You’ll need both a solid understanding of the rules and plenty of practice to master the skill of coding. It’s serious business, but there’s no rule saying you can’t enjoy the process.

Let's Cut to the Chase.

Other books spend page after page telling you things you don't need to know. Why waste time learning the history of coding if you don't need it on the job? ICD-10-CM Quick Learn focuses on what you need to know.

Don't Sweat It. Think of It as a Game.

By the end of this book you'll know how to use the ICD-10-CM. Plus you'll be shocked to realize that you've learned to recognize hundreds of common medical terms based on their Greek and Latin origins, and be able to figure out long intimidating names of diseases and diagnoses. You'll laugh out loud at some of the crazy sounding codes that the World Health Organization has come up with (you won't believe the codes on page 174). You'll enjoy the scenario-based exercises and doing the detective work to find the appropriate codes. Practice is the easiest way for a motivated student to become proficient quickly and ICD-10-CM Quick Learn makes practice fun.